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Women's Fellowship Hike

Date: Saturday, May 19th
Destination: Inspiration Point in Berkeley
Goal: Fellowship and cardio!
Written by: Annie Chung


Many of you have witnessed with your own eyes the growing number of women at our church...hooray!  With that said, this hike was a chance to further our friendships with each other under the beautiful, seemingly cloudless sky.  The hike started around 11am, and honestly, a few of us were already asking, "What should we eat for lunch?" about 5 minutes into the hike.  Soon enough, we were taking over the trail, with annoyed cyclists yelling "on your left!" as we trekked away.  There was lots of laughing.  Lots of talking.  More laughing.  At one point, there was even some turkey jerky sharing, for those of us stragglers in the back.  With all that aside, it was meaningful time spent together.  Meaningful because we are all in different life stages, yet finding common ground in seeking what it means to be a woman of God, and embracing this identity.  Hopefully, this is just the beginning of many more hikes to come, as we missed those of you who couldn't make it out this time.

As proof of our hike, we took many awesome pictures - see below:

alt alt alt alt

P.S. We won't share details about the lunch afterwards, as it seems wrong to make people hungry over a blog post :)

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